Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people to unlock their potential and achieve their dreams, goals and quality of life milestones – I can do the same for you.

Executives & Entrepreneurs

High Performance Coaching

As a High Performance Coach I work with entrepreneurs, executives and their teams helping them level up their performance.

These professions are tough. A lot is demanded, there is huge pressure and massive upsides for success and intense downsides for failure. You need to be able to confront with dignity, make tough decisions with little data, switch off after a long day and stay true to yourself – often all in one day. Not easy. Fortunately each of these challenges and more have powerful solutions.

Get ahead of the leadership demand curve…

The Covid-19 Pandemic has challenged all of us on multiple levels. Never before have leaders needed more skills, more dynamic thinking and stronger mental health. My 20 years of High Performance experience means that I can help you and your team develop all of that, and more, in a very efficient amount of time.

I work best with executives, business owners, athletes and their respective teams who have an entrepreneurial spirit. I want to help you find out what results are possible. 


“I met Tim after having been in my new role as a Head of Technology for about a year and a half, what the role started out as and what it had become at that time were two different things, I ended up being the line manager for more than a 100 people and responsible for over 60 systems. My days started early and was filled with meetings and they ended late with me trying to wrap up emails. Needless to say I left home when the family was sleeping and came home after they had gone to bed. I knew that sooner or later one of three things would break, my family, my health and/or my career, I also knew I needed help. A colleague suggested management coaching and after asking around Tim seemed like a good fit. During the coaching with Tim I was able to refocus how I ran my department, small changes through increased delegation and questioning some of the organisational constructs as well as procedures started giving results. With Tim’s coaching I freed up my time and I am able to provide a vision for my department, backed up with strategies on how to get there, and more importantly I have far more time to spend with my wife and kids, something that was almost impossible in the past. I have also empowered my team leads with the tools and techniques I learned so that they too can improve their quality of life. Thank you Tim for helping me find the balance and at the same time improve my performance”

Thomas Evje

Head of Technology BT GM Trading and Flow, Rand Merchant Bank

“My appreciation for Tim is beyond what I can express in words. He has helped me unlock my authenticity and embrace all that I am, which has made me a better leader both personally and professionally. I became a Managing Executive of a big business early on my career, responsible for 185 people across South Africa. Having this role, I put a lot of pressure and expectation on myself, to prove that I deserved such a role. When I was looking for an Executive coach, I was looking for someone that could push me harder, so that I could achieve more. With Tim, I got so much more than this.  Looking back, when I started with Tim on the first day, I can see that I was confused in my leadership style. I envisaged what a great CEO was and tried to zone myself into becoming like other top CEOs, pursuing the qualities that they had. This made me lose who I was and what got me into the role in the first place. With Tim, he has coached me to reveal what my true inherent leadership style is. By learning to be more of myself, has made me a better leader and I know now, that this is what will allow me to achieve everything I want to in this lifetime. Tim is not just an Executive coach; he is a friend. He cares deeply about his clients. If you desire to become the best version of yourself and want to unlock all your greatness, put your trust in Tim, because he will change your perspective and your life.”

Nicholas Viljoen

Managing Executive, Wheel Collision

“Tim has been a game changer for my business partners and myself. We have taken on a major turn-around project in terms of a new group of businesses that we acquired.  

Tim was referred to me by a friend who was a CEO of a large supply chain business and at that stage I was a bit desperate for any form of support that was independent and not emotionally and financially attached to my new business venture. I was not sure what business coaching would entail, but I have found that my time with Tim has been more about performance coaching. I have enjoyed the fact that it is results orientated and it does not feel that it is based on a “one size fits all” approach. 

I have learnt a great deal about myself and how I interact with my partners and teams. The largest impact has been that I now view my role as CEO as being a multiplier, which has freed up my mental energy from “working harder”, to now working smarter and viewing a strong work-life balance as an essential part of my role as a multiplier. I have also been thankful to Tim for the work he has done for my two business partners. I have seen the two of them grow in how they value themselves. I have seen them rise to some rather scary challenges and I am aware that they have done so successfully, in part due to the support and valuable input from Tim.” 

Richary Starkey

CEO, College SA


What is the ROI on coaching really?

“Some feel the practical outcomes of coaching are difficult to measure – but not so for me. During my coaching, I had a client issue that could have cost the bank R20m. The negotiations had been difficult and the client wanted to renege on a commitment. A meeting was set up with the CEO as a last attempt to save the situation before implementing long and expensive legal action. Using techniques taught by Tim, the meeting was a success and the client settled the obligation with no loss to the bank” 

– Anthony Grant, CEO RMB/FNB Foreign Exchange Product House

Athletes & Teams

A huge amount of time and effort goes into training for athletes, and rightly so.  Competing requires a lot of energy, time and commitment. I want to help athletes convert all that effort and energy into high quality performances. I do this by helping them discover and remove the interferences and blocks that stop them consistently being their best.

“One of the first mental coaches I worked with was, Tim. As an aspiring athlete who was still at school, my mind was opened up to thinking in new ways; whether it be to fix a problem, or to achieve a goal. I felt that he taught me perseverance too – seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. It is important as an athlete to develop a winning mindset, and starting young benefited me greatly.”

Kagiso Rabada

Protea Cricketer

“Tim demonstrates a wide-ranging understanding of human behaviour and motivations. He combines this with systematic thinking and has wonderful ability to communicate this knowledge. He is a passionate guy, whilst maintaining personal humility and a hunger to learn. I recommend him to work with individual performers, or with teams looking to enhance both their environment and performance.”

Paddy Upton

Executive Coach, World Cup Winning Indian Cricket Team

“Tim is an extremely talented and deeply-knowledgeable mental coach. He had an ability to help myself and my teammates remain focused, concentrated, motivated and keep our minds in the game for 80 minutes. 

Tim doesn’t hesitate to take the time to understand every individual of the team, and through that he is able to figure out what each person needs to achieve and excel in the respective fields. 

Tim helped me increase my confidence, and to feel more comfortable on the field. His sessions were all meaningful and helpful, and each session had loads of useful information. He taught me how to handle myself in a way that enabled me to play my regular game all the time. Tim’s mental game techniques have helped me since the very first day I worked with him. He helped me become a better rugby player. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to Tim. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Tim Goodenough to any athlete, in any sports code, who is searching for a performance edge.

Jeremy Ward

Former Junior Springbok Captain & Sharks Rugby Player

I got in contact with Tim at a time when I was emotionally and mentally depleted and had no idea how I would ever find the spark to compete again let alone complete my degree. Tim helped me to finally put to rest the deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy that had pushed me in the past but had since become destructive. With Tim I learnt that I could let go of those feelings of guilt and be free to back myself 100 percent. He helped me reconnect with my passion and for the first time in my career I was able to step into the cage and truly enjoy the entire experience of it. I was finally able to give myself credit for my achievements and am now competing in a way that not only fits in with my studies but adds to my life as well.

To anyone who feels they are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find the way forward Tim is the person you need to speak to.” 

Adam Speechly

MMA Fighter, 2 X EFC Champion, Physiotherapist

Online Courses

Game Changer Protocol

So many of us go through life with the handbrakes of the past holding us back. Whether we come from ‘good homes’ or not, we may still grow up believing that “I don’t belong”, “I am not enough”, I am not worthy” and “I don’t have what it takes” at some level. There is a huge amount of advice out there on how to solve this, unfortunately it often feels like a Band-Aid on a gaping wound.

The Game Changer Protocol maps out the 10 healthy beliefs and 3 empowering decisions that combine to create rock solid self-esteem. You will also learn the revolutionary technique called Scanning which shows you how to fully embody beliefs, how to get beliefs not just into the mind, but also into the body and by doing so remove those nagging and stuck limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for far too long.

High Performance Learning

course was created to help students develop an empowering mindset to overcome common student blocks and challenges – to level up their studying performance regardless of if they are top students who are dealing with stress, performance anxiety and perfectionism, or struggling students chasing that critical 50%.

This unique course will teach you how to learn more effectively in less time as well as how to accelerate and manage personal motivation. It’s a breakthrough in learning and promises to help you grow beyond being more successful as a student to being more successful in life. This course will help you master your studies, as well as achieve so much more in life.


Tim’s books are built around intensive research on high performance across a variety of fields. Following on from this research he’s developed a series of models and easy to implement tools for unleashing your own peak-performance whether it be at work, in sport or your personal life.

What makes one athlete great and another merely good? Twenty world class athletes share their stories of what enables them to access the ‘zone’ to consistently perform at the top of their game. The result is a powerful set of high performance tools and principles that can be applied in sport, business and life. (Co-authored with Michael Cooper)

A comprehensive resource which unpacks the key dynamics and challenges involved in developing talent. The book contains several models and techniques that can be used as part of a self-coaching programme to enable elite talent development in any field.

The book identifies the 10 healthy beliefs that create healthy self-esteem. The breakthrough technique called Scanning can internalise those healthy beliefs and remove the limiting beliefs trapped in the body. Scanning was developed to stop athletes from choking and has caused a paradigm shift in the field of self-esteem.

Organisational Development Solutions

Together with my business partner Michael Cooper, and a team of professionals, we’ve conducted numerous large-scale organisational development initiatives. Our programmes generally consist of any combination of Keynotes, Training, Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Systemic Team Coaching and e-learning products.

“Since beginning my relationship with Tim as an executive coach, he has been an exemplary professional.  With the help of Tim, I have extensively changed my leadership approach.  I have learnt new techniques to help me manage my closest stakeholders and to lead my team in a manner that allows them to trust and respect my leadership style.  I was also able to determine the best techniques to manage a very busy and highly stressful time in our business.  Tim was able to ask the right questions to allow me to find the answers in a manner that I would not have been able to by myself.  I was able to relate to his style of coaching and to his reference to sport teams and the similarities between sports and business.  I am eternally grateful to Tim for what he has done for me and for opening the doors to allow me to grow and enhance my leadership skills.”

Viren Naidu

Chief Information Officer at Hollard Insurance

“My time spent with Tim has been inspirational in so many ways. I have had an opportunity to rekindle my passion for business as well as to re-evaluate my relationships with my family and friends and have let go of many of the negative beliefs and emotions that have kept me from optimum performance. I am re-energised and more passionate about life in general. Thank you, Tim, for your knowledge and insight and the calm and caring manner in which you’ve conducted our coaching sessions. I read your book “In the Zone” and believe that if all business managers appointed themselves as sports coaches and nurtured their teams, that business as well as people would prosper. Thank you for reminding me to live my life rather than just be a spectator.” 

Sue McNair

Managing Director, Bidvest – Silk by Design

What can I do for you?

Executive Coaching

Creating authentic and well-rounded leaders by changing and improving mindsets, skills and processes. Effecting change within organisations through the development of people

Systemic Team Coaching

Developing executive and leadership teams in a systemic and integrated way, whilst clarifying stakeholder needs and building relationships to reach new levels of performance.

High Performance Coaching

Developing high performance mindsets, processes and techniques for elite athletes and sports teams across different sporting codes. I specialise in developing team culture and enabling peak performance under pressure.

Keynote Speaking

Delivering a message to not only engage audiences, but to challenge people on a personal level and provide practical tools to accelerate growth

Personal Coaching

Shifting core beliefs to help find balance, focus, purpose and genuine priorities. Dramatically improving self-worth and providing lasting life-skills using the powerful tools of ‘
Game Changer Protocol’

Corporate Training

A series of corporate trainings for leaders and managers focused on developing coaching, and self-leadership skills (co-facilitated with my business partner Mike Cooper.


“As convenor of the 2016 Proudly Primary Conference I had the privileged of inviting Tim Goodenough as plenary speaker for this ISASA national conference that attracts over 1200 delegates and guests from all over South Africa. As a conference speaker Tim is remarkably gifted at engaging with delegates on an intimate and personal level and initiating meaningful journeys of evaluation and self-discovery. In the post conference survey, Tim’s presentation features prominently as a highlight of the event. On a personal level, I have had the privilege of hearing Tim speak at several conferences – the ISASA National Headmaster’s Conference being one of these. In each of these, his words have stimulated self-growth and a refreshing change in perspective.”

Robin Odell

Headmaster of Cowan House

“Brilliant speaker, very inspiring and humbling experience”

“Great, Inspirational and informative”

“A very challenging speaker that forces one to do a great deal of introspection.”

“Loved his openness and how he bared his soul and was true to himself.”

“Great speaker with very relatable and key points to go back and implement.”

Business Excellence Forum & Awards

“Tim is an authentic human being and that translates perfectly into his speaking.  He manages to captivate his audience and takes them on a journey of self-discovery, whilst in a respectful and entertaining manner, forces them to search hard within themselves for more.

His information is always new, fresh and at the cutting edge of human potential and high performance.  He is true to his work and is confident in being 100% authentic, sharing of himself and in doing so being relevant and congruent.  Tim is humble enough to take you on a journey with him and to allow you to discover the real you.

Every time I’ve heard him speak, I’ve left thinking there’s more for me to do and I’ve been excited about getting to implement the practical tools and information he’s shared.

Tim set the scene beautifully for the conference and far exceeded expectations.  I would have no reservation in recommending him for any event where there is a true commitment to add value to the audience and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Tim is a great coach, a great speaker and a great teacher.  Better than that though he is a great human being!”

Harry Welby-Cooke

SA Franchisor & Master Licensee, ActionCOACH



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