One of the key challenges in High Performance is the amount of time we have available to work on ourselves and to level up.

I have been asked many times to create online content to support accelerated learning and growth, and a few years ago I started to do just that. is the platform where I host my online courses and currently there are two online courses available:

High Performance Learning

The High Performance Learning course was created to help students develop an empowering mindset to overcome common student blocks and challenges – to level up their studying performance regardless of if they are top students who are dealing with stress, performance anxiety and perfectionism, or struggling students chasing that critical 50%.

This unique course will teach you how to learn more effectively in less time as well as how to accelerate and manage personal motivation. It’s a breakthrough in learning and promises to help you grow beyond being more successful as a student to being more successful in life. Join me, Tim Goodenough as I take you on a high performance journey to help you master your studies, as well as achieve so much more in life.

Game Changer Protocol

So many of us go through life with the handbrakes of the past holding us back. Even if we have ‘good homes’ we may still grow up believing that “I don’t belong”, “I am not enough”, I am not worthy” and “I don’t have what it takes” at some level.

The Game Changer Protocol maps out the 10 healthy beliefs and 3 empowering decisions that combine to create rock solid self-esteem. You will also learn the revolutionary technique called Scanning which shows you how to embody beliefs, how to get beliefs not just into the mind, but the body and by doing so remove those nagging and stuck limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for far too long.