Self-worth under fire

The first version of this article appeared in Cricket South Africa’s October Powerplay magazine. Even though I have been successfully coaching individuals and teams to help them perform at a higher level for over 10 years, in 2015 I felt like an absolute failure. All of my coaching and training […]

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The 7 Mental Steps to accelerate Physical Healing

In High Performance sport one of the biggest stresses for any coach is the question: “Will my athletes that are struggling with injuries be ready to perform when I really need them?” When these coaches or one of their staff members know the 7 steps to accelerate physical healing, it is […]

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Self-Esteem – The Game Changer

This article first appeared on the inaugural BetterMan Magazine found here When does a man believing in himself mean that he is confident and when does it mean he is arrogant? On the flipside of that, when does shy or introverted behaviour translate to low self-confidence and when does it […]

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Dynamic Game Preparation

Top sports coaches, mental coaches and sports psychologists will often talk about the importance of processes. Process has become a bit of a buzz word in sport, however the understanding of what it actually means and the detail and thinking linked to processes varies greatly from sport to sport and […]

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Finding your Performance Recipe

Each of us has an unconscious process or recipe that we follow when we are performing at our best. Each sport or area we perform in will have its own unique recipe. The challenge is that when someone really want’s to succeed and do well, he or she might start […]

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Learning from losing

Intro: This year has been the toughest of my career. I have worked with a series of quality coaches, awesome teams and yet been part of too many losses. This is my way to try make sense of the hurt, frustration and self-doubt and to find a way primarily for […]

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